Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I have been so crazy busy. I got on here and as I was going through my old posts I wondered "where has the time gone." Everything is so different from the last time I posted. Baby P and G have both celebrated their first birthdays. Our small group stopped meeting because the H family moved to Minnesota. New cousins have come, time with friends has been spent, my 17th birthday has has continued on. I have no idea how the time goes so fast, but I wish it would slow down just a little bit. Since I know that will most likely not happen I will just continue to try and cherish each moment as it happens. I know that I will forever hold onto the memories!

Baby G and Me
(7 months and 16 years)

Baby G with the blankie I made her
(1 year)

Baby P and Me
(9 months and 16 years)

Baby P walking in the back yard
(1 year)


L, Baby G, M, and E

G and Baby P

~♥~ Leann

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