Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello all, I'm back! There will be many picture posts coming soon.
I have witnessed a few "firsts" in the past couple weeks.

It started with me getting glasses for the 1st time:
Then came making beautiful Baby P laugh for the 1st time
with her gorgous Big Sis G:
Then came the 1st time wonderful Big Sisters L, M, E
made precious Baby G laugh:
Then, lastly, came today. The 1st time I gave blood:

All of these things were so wonderful. How amazing that I can finally see. What a joy to be part of the reason Baby P laughed for the 1st time! How wonderful to see Baby G interact and laugh with all 3 of her big sisters for the 1st time! What an absolute blessing that I can give blood and possibley help save the life of someone. How great our God is!

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Casey's trio said...

What a great post! A big woo-hoo for donating blood. It will certainly make a difference in someone's life. And I'm glad you are enjoying your new glasses. Those baby smiles should be even better now.